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"Oeno-diversity" is not a real word in the Italian language, but perfectly describes the idea at the heart of Uglygrapes’ vision. What we mean by oeno-diversity is the variability of the wines produced within a wine area, which can be as small as a single hill or as large as an entire country. This variability is the result of three main factors:

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In the world this includes more than a thousand different varieties, selected over the centuries specifically for the production of wine.

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This includes, for example, soil differences, sun exposure, water availability and microclimate from one area to another, or even between individual vineyards.

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The multitude of possible technical choices available to producers, from the cultivation of the vine, to the bottling of the wine and its evolution in the bottle.


For each wine area you find on the site, we have created a selection of wines that we believe is representative of its oeno-diversity. To do this, we carefully study each area, its oenological history, the geography of its territory, the research on native grape varieties, the production specifications of designations of origin, and the evaluations of wines over the years by the most authoritative guides in the sector. Over time we will continue to constantly enrich this selection to keep it up-to-date and make it more accurate. For each area we have also created a system of interactive maps, which will guide you in the exploration of the territory and its wines.

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